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When it comes to health and fitness, I do things a little bit different. First, we are going to get clear on whatever it is you are working towards. Optimal health, clear skin, lean strong body, pain free body...What is your intention for your health? Once your intention is clear, we are going to use a form of muscle testing to literally read your body and discover its "thrive" foods and exercises. This is the most fun, empowering way I know of to look at health and I'm so grateful to share your journey with you!

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Session styles I offer - All Services Available online

Initial Wellness Session        1 hour       $125.00

  • We will look at the things that you don't enjoy about your current state of health and then focus on what you are ready to experience.

  • We will learn which organs/glands/body systems are out of balance.

  • We will discover the "thrive" foods for your body. It's helpful if you come in with an open mind and aren't dedicated to a particular eating style.

  • If your intention requires movement, we will create an outline of what type of exercise is required and how often.

  • If any lifestyle changes are necessary (light exposure, relaxation, career changes etc.) these things will also become a part of your program

  • If you have a notebook, please bring one. Writing things in your language is always hugely beneficial.

  • Ongoing support by text or phone call.  Questions are most welcome!




Movement tip: Dress in clothes that allow you a full range of body movements. 

  That goes for feet too. If you're looking for optimal footwear, check out Xero shoes.

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Follow up Session         1 hour    $75.00

  • We will re-assess your organs/glands/body systems.

  • We will build on your program and see if any foods/exercises have changed as your body is healing and rebuilding.

  • Ongoing support by text or call. 

Food Retest     $40.00

  • If another full session isn't necessary but you just want to know where your body is at with its digestibility of foods, I can do a quick retest for you.

  • No appointment necessary. You'll get your food sheets as a photo over text or messenger, usually within 24-48 hours.


In Home/Online training    50-60 min     $45.00 

  • Interested in having a great fitness base that allows you to rock your day?

  • You choose your workout environment. Gym, home, outdoors, office lunch, wherever you feel the most inspired. I will help you build a fitness program that is sustainable and works with your current energy levels and life demands.

  • Busy parent? Been there. I'll help you use your current lifestyle to kickstart your fitness goals.

  • Working a physical job? Been there too. More mobility, proper movement patterns and muscle balance is generally what's needed here.

  • Working a desk job? There are tricks you can use to turn your desk into a mini gym.


Thrive diet for pets    $75.00

  • Do you want to give your pet the best food available to you? Pets are just like people, we can use holistic kinesiology to create a thrive diet/movement plan for them as well.

Holistic Kinesiology Workshop        2 hours     

Max. 4 participants  -  $300.00  - local cost

If you would like to learn how to muscle test on your own, I would love to teach a workshop for you. I am willing to travel when time permits. Get in touch with me and we can talk about possibilities!

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My health journey started in my teen years, as a competitive athlete. I was struggling with aches and pains and the inability to regulate blood sugar and maintain my energy levels. As I started to gravitate towards more recreational sports, I began to experiment quite a bit with my eating styles, but I could never quite figure out the magic formula for wellness. By the time I gave birth to my first daughter, the knee pain and energy levels were still an issue but it was my new dental health problems that really got me looking for answers. After asking for advice from various practitioners and finding that no one could tell me what I wanted to know, I started getting this feeling that there had to be a way to read my body so I could give it exactly what it needed but I just hadn't found it yet. So, in a plea to the universe, I stood outside one night and asked to be shown how to read my body. Within a couple weeks, I was introduced to a someone that used this technique in their health practice. I started eating the foods that I could actually digest and absorb and taking only a few supplements to help rebuild my body. I  was quickly noticing huge improvements and I was hooked. I knew it was my calling to learn how to muscle/energetically test like this and help my clients achieve optimal health.

My passion is to help you live your best life!


My intention for myself is always: Radiant Health

For me, this means having stable energy, no aches and pains and being physically able to handle anything I want to take on in my day with as little dedicated effort as possible!

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